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Renqiu city HongRi welding equipment limited company is the North China oil field welding research center belongs to welding accessories professional manufacturers, has more than 30 years of vertical, with advanced imported first-class equipment, strong technical force, product quality and reliable, at home and abroad enjoy a high reputation, with more than 30large and medium-sized enterprises to establish long-term purchase and sale relationship, and in the domestic more than 20welding machine factory has many years of welding torch and accessories matching business relationship, my company production of welding torch and accessories export to Europe and Southeast Asian countries, the company with high quality as the basis, based on domestic, the world, the old and new customers willing to sincere cooperation, coexistence and development.

The main products of HongRi welding:
Imitation guest adopt15AK,24KD,25KD,26KD gun and accessories
Imitation of Panasonic KR180 / 200, KR350, KR500 gun and accessories
Like OTC200A,350A500A gun and accessories
NBC200A drawing, all closed, semi-enclosed welding torch and accessories

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