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The spot welding machine of three components
Simple for spot welding system which is composed of a mechanical device, a power supply device, control device of three parts.
One, a mechanical device
Spot welding machine in order to adapt to the requirements of welding process, a pressurizing mechanism ( clamp) adopts a double stroke fast pneumatic transmission mechanism, by switching the control handle to change clamp opening degree, can be divided into large and small from meet the welding operation requirements. Usually for short stroke open clamp state, when the control button to switch to" electrify" position, pull the handle switch clamp clamping pressure, at the same time current under the control of the control system to complete a welding cycle back to the short stroke open state.
In two, power supply device
Main power circuit resistance welding transformers, silicon controlled rectifier unit, the main power switch, welding circuit. Currently, we use the welding equipment is power 200kVA, secondary output voltage 20V--40V single phase AC resistance welding machine. As a result of a variety of models of production lines, welding to welding of high strength steel and low carbon steel plate, welding gun arm to transfer a larger mechanical force and welding current, so the welding intensity, rigidity, heat must meet certain requirements, and has good electric conductivity and thermal conductivity, and clamp adopts water cooling, so the choice of welding tongs electrode arm is able to withstand the pressure of400kg new type of electrode holder.
Three, control device
Control device provides signals to control the movement of resistance welding machine to connect and disconnect the welding current, control of welding current value, a fault monitoring and treatment.
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