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Arc welding on the technical requirements of power supplies
Arc welding power source arc load is formed, to meet the welding requirement gun arc, arc welding power supply to meet the following requirements:
1, the larger the short-circuit current and high voltage arc: is the stronger current, voltage is higher, more easy arc starting.
In 2, the output current is stable: to keep the arc stable combustion to achieve good welding effect.
In 3, with wide voltage follower ability: to ensure the arc length is changed, the arc extinguish.
In 4, the output current can be adjusted to meet different requirements: the welding requirements.
5, have perfect self protection system: welder working environment, improve the self-protection system is to guarantee the welding safety, personal safety guarantee.
On the requirements of welding arc:
In 1, easy arc starting
The arc is the prerequisite for arc welding. Welding arc welding performance difficulty is one of the main parameters, can facilitate arc will set the machine performance; arc starting difficulty also directly affect the welding effect.
In 2, arc discharge stability
Stable combustion is good protection of arc welding. Arc is a form of gas discharge, good atmosphere and the stability of the output current is to maintain a stable arc important condition. In general, hand arc welding machine welding required gas atmosphere by electrode on skin heat generated, submerged arc welding machine is composed of granular flux layer heat generated; and argon arc welding, CO2 gas shielded arc welding gas cylinder is provided by random.
In 3, the arc length can be changed
Because the welding is a dynamic process, because hand jitter, the combustion welding rod, the distance between the electrode and the workpiece will inevitably change, to achieve continuous welding, good welding effect, cannot let the arc is extinguished, which requires the arc length at a certain distance range change when the arc is not extinguished.
In 4, arc selected size
Required arc size, is according to the thickness of the workpiece and process requirements and other factors, in order to adapt to different workpiece and welding process of different needs, requirements arc size can be adjusted.
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