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Welding front matters needing attention
A safety accident remind us, production is no small matter must have the awareness of safety precautions. Welding current has been applied to many fields, but your welding knowledge of safe operation to understand how much? You may be more concerned in the process of welding operation safety, to some of the preparatory work before welding is easy to be neglected. Today we introduce some precautions before welding:
( a ) must be checked for compliance with the requirements of welding wire, wire quality problem is the most easy to cause accident factors, so it must not be let down;
( two) is the examination of water, electricity, gas or off according to the requirements, and all is well connected, not loose. Water, electricity, gas are welding in the process of risk factors, so the welding must be checked before good;
( three) to the base metal for welding inspection, because it directly affects the welding effect, so it is very necessary;
( four) use tools to clean the surface of a base material, i.e. with a brush or sandpaper complete removal of mother material surface water, oil, oxides and other impurities, so as to ensure the welding quality;
( five) important welding structure using chemical cleaning method for cleaning. Simply using acetone or caustic soda sulphuric acid cleaning on the surface of the water, oil, high melting point oxide, oxide and other pollutants;
( six) is to pay attention to workplace clean, no flammable, explosive, take safe measures.
If we can carefully to treat production in all the details, I believe we can ensure the safety to reduce or avoid the happening of accidents. I hope you always tighten the string of safety, safety is the guarantee of life because!
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