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The classification and characteristics of gas protection welding
By using gas as the dielectric arc and arc and weld arc called the gas shielded arc welding, referred to as the gas protection welding. Gas shielded arc welding electrode and the base material is passed between the arc melting and welding wire and base material, forming the weld pool and weld metal is a kind of advanced welding method. Electrode, arc and weld pool by welding gun nozzle protective gas to protect, to prevent the invasion of surrounding atmosphere, on the welding joint region to form a good protection effect. Along with the science and technology make a spurt of progress and the rapid development of modern industry, a variety of new materials and new product structure of welding technology requirements improve, and promote a new, more superior gas protection welding method application.
Gas shielded arc welding typically follow the electrode melting and protective gas can be divided into different, non-consumable ( tungsten inert gas welding ) ( TIG ) and gas metal arc welding ( GMAW ), MIG welding including inert gas welding ( MIG ), oxidation of mixed gas shielded arc welding ( MAG ), CO2 gas shielded arc welding, flux cored wire gas shielded arc welding ( FCAW ), every kinds of welding methods for different welding operation.
Gas welding and other welding methods, has the following characteristics:
(1) welding arc and weld pool visibility is good, the welding process according to the weld pool situation adjusting welding parameter.
(2) welding process is easy to operate, no slag or little slag, weld the tomb without slag.
(3) arc in the protection of air compression heat concentration, welding speed, molten pool is small, narrow heat affected zone of welding, welding distortion is small.
(4) suitable for welding process of mechanization and automation, especially the spatial location of the mechanized welding.
(5) can be welded chemical active strong and easy to form the high melting point of magnesium, aluminium oxide, titanium and its alloys.
(6) can be welded plate.
(7) in the outdoor operations, the need of wind device, or gas protection effect is not good, even the very poor.
(8) the arc light radiation is very strong.
(9) welding equipment is more complicated than the electrode arc welding equipment, high price.
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